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03 February 2006 @ 09:05 pm
Stargate: The Unexplored Stories  
Hello all, just been talking to a friend who's into Stargate, and I've come to realise just how many unfinished stories there seems to be in Stargate SG1. I thought I'd list them here, and wondered what opinions or thoughts some of you may also have.

I'm just randomly blogging, without looking up episode numbers yet.

The Nox :-
- Have a floating city (Ancient styleé per chance? Maybe powered by a ZPM equivalent?)

The Tolan :-
- Did any survive?

The Bounty Hunter (Deadman Switch 3x07) :-
- Remember the bounty hunter who claimed his people were immune to Goa'uld implantation, and who caught SG1 when he was hunting that Tok'ra? What became of him?

The Rittu (Show And Tell 2x20) :-
- Guess they're happy now that the Goa'uld are defeated, but would they still wage war on human kind, knowing that the Goa'uld could come back?

The Furlings :-
- Just where did the Furlings go? Back to their own galaxy? There's certainly been no evidence of them existing in our galaxy, aside from Maybourne's moon.
- I haven't watched it in a while (should pull out my DVD's and watch it again), but could the furlings be the non-human aliens from Scorched Earth (4x09)? - the planet being terra-formed by the huge spaceship?
They were obviously an advanced race, whoever they were.

Harlan :-
- Remember the quite mad Harlan? "COM'TRIA!" (if my spelling is correct). Whatever became of Harlan? Surely the Pentagon would love to lend a hand and get a hold of robot cloning!

The Ashen :-
- They're still out there, and royally peed off at Earth no? Or are we to assume they all died due to dialling the Black Hole world?

(K's reflection):
'The Big Giant Aliens' seen by Daniel's Grandfather, Nick Ballard
- We've had no follow up! I know his grandfather was old, but MAYBE the big giant aliens could make Daniel's grandfather younger, as John Rubez who played Nick Ballard might be getting to old for the role now. :S
Were these big giant aliens, who are at war (or were, though this was never explored) could be the Furlings?

Aditional Reflections:
There was an alliance of four advanced ancient races... The Nox, The Furlings, The 'Ancients' (maybe we should call them the Alterrans now?), and the Asgard. At some point, the relationships between these four races soured and they went their seperate ways. How is this evident you ask? Well the Asgard didn't know where the Ancients went! The Nox want their privacy, so I guess they rarely talk to the Asgard, and the Furlings have of course not been seen at all. You'd think one of the first things the SGC would have done when we befriended the Asgard would be to ask about the other races!

Are we to assume the Ori are able to sense the existance of the Pegasus Galaxy? The Ori seemed to make it sound like only the Milky Way Galaxy was not known to them. Maybe THEY created the Wraith, believing that was the only galaxy the Ancients inhabitted?
And if the Ori seeded their galaxy as did the Ancients in our own... surely the Ori could just multiple-dial all planets in our galaxy, exterminate all life with such a fancy machine as what Sam & Jacob found, and then just send through their people from their galaxy to planets here in the Milky Way to establish a foothold?
... no wait, that'd be too easy and spoil the continuity of Stargate. :P

Thoughts anyone? Additional reflections on unclosed stories? Or am I just plain babbling? I dunno...

In other news; I finally started working on my Stargate RP site, involving a little web-based Stargate game, and an RP Event generator. Will inform you all when it's at a public demo stage and whatnot. :P

Maybe I should post this to the Yahoogroup too... It'd get a bigger audience. >_>
Caz: SG Daniel ribbonkatana137uk on February 3rd, 2006 06:38 pm (UTC)
Another possible for The Furlings could be the giant Aliens from the Crystal Skull. But anyway that's also an unfinished story, what happened to Granddad?

Also from New Ground Season 3 whathisname who saved Teal'c and Daniel asked be his assistant, never seen again!

Sarah, where's she now that she's been de-g'oaulded?

I like the Ancient/Nox floating city connection, nice one :-)

BTW The latest Stargate novel is about Aris Boch.

urufuurufu on February 3rd, 2006 08:32 pm (UTC)
How could I have forgotten that one? X_x;
*yoinks and adds to post*
salkunh: execute - lostsalkunh on February 3rd, 2006 06:48 pm (UTC)
ya know I had never realised just how many loose ends there were in story lines. I hope the nox turn up soon I like their crazy tree hair ^^
Andygrumpy_git on February 4th, 2006 01:44 pm (UTC)
I want to know why the Asgard haven't used the Ancients genetic machine to contiue their genetic research to stop them being a dieing race. Also why don't they have a presence on Atlantis since there going to be more capeable of using it.
urufuurufu on February 4th, 2006 06:30 pm (UTC)
That's a point I forgot to mention. X_x;

They really, really need to explain that the Anicents erased certain key information from the Atlantis Database, like how to make ZPM's et al. I know a lot of people who watch Atlantis who moan about "their inability to have discovered the plans for ZPM's, weapons, and other cool stuff".
I guess it's too hard to realise in a time of war, you wouldn't leave a place you're retreating from filled with the very things which would allow your enemy to get an upper hand.
(Anonymous) on February 5th, 2006 02:43 am (UTC)
ZPM Blueprints - Visroth
Just a thought, seeing as the ancient (forgot his name) from while i sleep knew that the power would be running out when the expedition got to atlantis. Why didnt he do a little more than give Dr Weir a list of probably locations, and just give her the plans.

Also would the ancients have a device that would allow the download of an ancient repository of knowledge into the atlantis database, we know that there was at least the plans for a one use ZPM in there.

and on that thought, why cant they reverse engineer the one use ZPM and manufacture it many times? If McKay can almost figure out vacum energy from our universe, surely he can work out something Jack made.......

anyway im probably talking rubbish..... bye for now..